UNIVERSAL KID’S HOME (The Nursery school) is built on the foundation of Trust, Love, Listening and Caring for each child and is committed to provide much more than mere transmission of information and skills acquired through compartmentalized syllabi. True education begins with knowing and understanding the child.
UNIVERSAL KID’S HOME (The Nursery school) recognizes each child as an individual being with his / her own special set of strengths and talents, as one who partakes in learning activities because child wants to learn and because he / she is capable of living life with joy. This process best begins with not knowing fear of standardized achievement or of comparison with others. Alternatively, it begins with knowing the worth of others and one’s own limitless abilities to learn and to achieve. Learning at UNIVERSAL KID’S HOME (The Nursery school) means recognizing the worth of one’s infinite senses and the development of a character that learns with dignity and self-worth, for oneself and for the world.
The UNIVERSAL KID’S HOME’s (The Nursery school) philosophy is reflected in the various ways and the details with which the school has been planned ranging from the vision of education and the design of the school building to curriculum development, teacher support and classroom process.


The first principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught. The teacher is not an instructor or task master, he is helper and guide. His business is to suggest and not to impose. He does not actually train the pupil’s mind, he only shows him how to perfect his instruments of knowledge and helps and encourages him, he shows him how to acquire knowledge for himself. He does not call-forth the knowledge that is within; he only shows him where it lies and how it can be habituated to rise to the surface. The distinction that reserves this principle for teaching of adolescent and adult minds and denies its application to the child is a conservative and unintelligent doctrine.

UNIVERSAL KID’S HOME (The Nursery school) ORGANIZES Summer Camp during summer vacation every year in which we conduct various kinds of activities such as “Art & Craft”, Dance , ABACUS, Calligraphy, Personality Development, English Speaking

Salient Features

Scientifically designed curriculum with digital learning.Highly trained and affectionate teachers.

Individual attention

Individual attention, low teacher & student ratio. Safe & Secure premises.

Excellent Programmes

Extra-curricular activities like music, dance, painting, toy making, splash pool.

Our programs

Early childhood education via joyful and safe learning environment. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum will promote child’s growth socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and spiritually which leads towards the formal education. In Little Stars School, children enjoy a unique and stimulating experience necessary to develop their own personalities.




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